Best Forex strategies (part 1)

There are numerous types of strategy’s for Forex trading. The point is to chose the one that suits you and stick to it. While using that one strategy you need to get some confidence, and having confidence is a key to success. There is no best Forex strategy. It depends on person who is using it, but these are the ones that are most popular.

  • Scalping – These are the quick ones that are held in just couple of minutes.
  • Day trading – These can finish until the end of the day as the name says it self.
  • Swing trading – These last for several days and the focus on earning from short – term price.
  • Positional trading – This is the one of the long trades on the list and it is aiming for the biggest profit. It can last for a day.

Besides these strategy’s there are many many more that are bringing big profits to big amount of Forex traders. For example there is strategy called 1 hour Forex strategy. It can take around 60 minutes to take advantage in this strategy. Also there is Forex weekly trading strategy that many users prefer. Because there are a lot more opportunities to make profit.

Another great strategy is called 4 hours Forex trading strategy. It has a lot of potential to be very profitable. And also the Forex counter trend strategies that are showing that most of breakouts do not need a long time to bounce off, and make sure you monitor it all the time, but you need to know that besides there are many amazing facts, there are also a lot of bad sides of it.

And of course there is picking the best FX trading strategy that suits you personally. As the years passed there were more and more strategies. And that made strategy picking easier for everyone and letting them choose what ever tactic they like.


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